Business shredding & secure document destruction for small businesses, home office workers and individuals in Luton

Home Business Shredding in Luton

If you run a small business in Luton document shredding is probably a pain for you. It’s something you know you need to go, but finding a shredding company in Luton for small businesses is tough.

If you have a lot of paper for shredding in Luton on a regular basis the shredding companies are happy to offer you a fixed term contract, but if you want a one off shredding service in Luton, or if you only have a small amount they will charge you an expensive charge to collect shredding from Luton.

So, how do you benefit from cost effective shredding for small business in Luton? Use our Home Shred service. It is as good for small business shredding as for domestic shredding. We offer a very simple alternative for small business shredding in Luton, and it is a service built with you in mind.

Order a sack online, or several sacks – no minimum or maximum order. We’ll send out empty sacks to you by Royal Mail so no need to wait around, they’ll just drop through your home or business letter box in Luton.

Fill your sacks as quickly or slowly as you want – there’s no time limit so just do what you can, when you have time. When full just take your sacks to our convenient drop off point in Luton at a time to suit you. We then arrange to shred it and send you an email to confirm that it has been done.

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Why Choose HomeShred?

  • No extra collection charges like our competitors
  • Convenient Local Drop Off Points
  • No minimum quantity
  • No Contract
  • No waiting for collections
  • Our prices are all inclusive