Protect Your Identity - Helping you stay one step ahead of identity thieves.

Identity theft & fraud prevention

Your identity is your most valuable asset!

If your identity is stolen or cloned, criminals can set up accounts in your name.

They can even establish mortgages in the name of the stolen identity!

They can ruin your credit rating and cost you thousands of pounds.

Often the funds raised by the fraudsters goes on to fund organised crime at home and overseas.

Although a lot of fraudulent activity occurs online, the information needed to create these accounts is usually physically stolen.

All that is needed to clone your identity are your name, address and date of birth. Information easily found in most homes.

The only way you can be certain that your personal information isn't falling into the wrong hands is to have your personal information destroyed when you no longer need it.

With HomeShred your paper records are securely shredded to DIN level 5 – essentially confetti preventing anyone getting hold of your personal data and using it for fraudulent purposes.

Our unique numbered tracking facility means you always know where your shredding is and we'll issue a certificate when it has been completed for your peace of mind.

For more information about protecting yourself against identity theft, have a look at the advice from the Government's Information Commissioner's Office.

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