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Why Choose HomeShred?

  • No extra collection charges like our competitors
  • Convenient Local Drop Off Points
  • No minimum quantity
  • No Contract
  • No waiting for collections
  • Our prices are all inclusive


Before the launch of the www.SecureHomeShred.co.uk website, we offered a very similar shredding service to the domestic and small business market for 6 years, but with only two drop off locations in Cambridge & Bedford where we had existing business interests. This business was called Safebox HomeShred and was a part of our data management business, Safebox.

Through Safebox we stored & managed thousands of boxes, files and back up media tapes for many of the region's leading lawyers, hospitals, medical research organisations, financial institutions and other businesses – people who rely on excellence in data management. Part of the process of data management is data destruction when it is no longer required. This is something which needs to be done with as much care and compliance as the management of live filing.

As we saw our clients becoming more aware of the implications of the Data Protection Act and the Information Commissioner's Office, we realised there must be a lot of small businesses and householders with significant volumes of documents and personal paperwork to be shredded, but no supplier meeting their requirements in a cost effective and convenient way.

Shredding companies usually like clients to be in a contract, or charge a high minimum charge for a one off collection. We are able to offer pay as you go shredding – no contract, no minimum or maximum order amount.

Also, a shredding company collecting from your home or business address will usually happen on a week day – not ideal if you are out at work, or you are not based at your business address through the working day. With our service we have the empty sacks delivered to you by Royal Mail, and you then drop off your filled sacks to one of our convenient drop off locations at a time to suit you.

Cost effective shredding – convenient shredding – professional shredding – personal shredding – shredding for you!