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Why Choose HomeShred?

  • No extra collection charges like our competitors
  • Convenient Local Drop Off Points
  • No minimum quantity
  • No Contract
  • No waiting for collections
  • Our prices are all inclusive

HomeShred – FAQs

How big is each sack?

Our sacks have a capacity of 45 litres and are 48cm x 64cm (19” x 25”) – but that doesn't really mean a lot.

Depending how the sack is filled and how densely packed the paper is will determine how much you can get in, but in our tests we found they will easily hold

  • 8 reams of A4 copier paper, or
  • the complete contents of one filing cabinet drawer, or
  • a stack of A4 paper about 50cm (20”) tall
What can I put in the sack?

Because the contents are being sent for recycling we need to make sure it is not contaminated, so please be careful what you put in. The following are all fine

  • paper & cardboard
  • books, catalogues & magazines
  • plastic wrappers, dividers, etc.
  • document wallets & padded envelopes
  • photographs & negatives
  • ring binders & lever arch files
  • paperclips, treasury tags & staples don't need to be removed
When will I receive my sack?

When we receive your order by 3pm Monday to Friday, we aim to despatch by Royal Mail 1st Class post on that day. If you order after 3pm or during a weekend or public holiday we will process the order for despatch on the next working day.

Royal Mail aim to deliver 1st Class mail on a next day basis, Monday to Saturday, so the likelihood is you'll have your sack within a couple of days of ordering it.

If you haven't received your sack within 5 working days of placing your order, please Contact Us and we'll do our best to help

What do I do with the sack when it is full?

When you have filled a sack, you should seal the top using the adhesive strip on the flap – the same as you get with envelopes. This will secure the contents and we will never open your sack. Then look up your nearest convenient drop off location and take your sack down there at your convenience.

Before you drop your sack off, ensure you make a note of the barcode number on the front as you will need to enter this when you register the drop off afterwards.

Where is my nearest local drop off point?

We have a number drop off locations and will add more as demand for the service grows. Please note that a drop off location may change between buying your sack and dropping it off so always best to double check before you go to drop off your sack.

Is there a time limit to drop off my sacks?

We understand that facing going through your paperwork can be a bit daunting and not your number one priority. We don't give a set amount of time to drop off your sack, so feel free to take your time. If it has been a while and you have lost the leaflet we sent out with the sacks, you can download a copy here.

I've lost the instructions you sent out with the sack, can you send me a copy?

You can down load and print a copy of the instructions here.

Why is there a barcode on my sack?

We understand that your personal paperwork needs to be handled properly and that you and we need to know where it is at all times. We give every sack a unique-numbered barcode, and assign the barcode to you when you buy a sack. When you drop your sack off we ask you to register the drop off by entering your barcode number via our website. We then scan the barcode when we collect it, and when it is returned to our secure facility, and finally as it is about to be shredded. This way we can be 100% certain of the location of your sack at all times, and you can check that too at any point by tracking it through our website.

What happens to my shredding after I've dropped it off?

If you drop off to our office, your sacks will be transferred straight to our shredding holding bay and the shredding scheduled.
If you drop off to our Bedford or Cambridge sites, the staff at these sites will transfer your sacks to our dedicated, locked storage unit where they will remain until we collect them to return to our facility to be shredded
If you drop off at a DHL Service Point, your sacks will not be identifiable as confidential material and will be anonymously processed through the courier network along with the millions of other packages which they handle each week. Your shredding will arrive at our facility within a day or two and then scheduled for destruction.
When you drop off your sacks it is important that you register the drop off on our website so that we can arrange collection where necessary, or prepare for delivery.
Once at our facility, your sacks and their contents will be shredded to DIN level 5 and the resulting paper sent to be recycled. We’ll then send you a certificate by email to conform that your personal information has been totally destroyed.

Why do I have to register my drop off?

Letting us know that your shredding has been dropped off is an important stage in the shredding journey. Because your paperwork is personal to you, we believe that you are the best person to complete this stage. We can then monitor your sacks to ensure they have progressed through to be shredded in a timely manner.

Will my sacks be opened?

Once you seal the sack, we will never open it. Because the sack is made of paper and the shredders we use are of an industrial standard, the entire sealed sack is fed directly through the blades, shredding the contents and the wrapper in one hit, ensuring your private paperwork is not at risk.

I've not received my certificate yet – is there a problem?

Once your sack has been shredded you should receive a certificate by email within a couple of days. Unfortunately emails don't always reach their intended destination, or may be rejected by SPAM filters. You can check the status of your sack using our online tracker at any time. If you have any queries about the status of your sack, or if you have not received a certificate although the status is ‘Shredded' please contact Us.

How can I track my shredding?

You can keep an eye on the location of your shredding at any time using the tracking function on our website. You just need to enter your sack's unique barcode number and your surname.

I think I need more than one sack, are there any discounts for larger orders?

For a lot of our customers one or two sacks is enough for their needs, but if you need to order more we can accommodate that as well. You can then drop off your sacks as and when you have filled them rather than having to stockpile them.
Our standard price is £15.99 per sack if you order between 1 and 3 sacks, it drops to £13.99 per sack if you order between 4 and 7 sacks, and for 8 – 10 sacks it is £12.49 per sack.

What does the price include?

The price you pay covers the whole process. You do not have to pay again to arrange a collection.

Here is what is included:

  • Supply of secure, self-seal sack (64cm tall x 48cm wide)
  • Delivery to you by Royal Mail 1st class post
  • Handling & storage at our convenient drop off location
  • Collection of your shredding from our drop off location
  • Our unique Online tracking capability
  • Shredding your sack and contents
  • Recycling the paper in UK tissue mills
  • Sending your certificate by email
Are there any hidden extra charges?

Absolutely not! The price you pay when you order through our website covers every aspect of the service.

We do not entice customers with a low price for supply of paper sacks, then charge a much higher price to arrange collection. Just one fair, straight forward, all-inclusive, one-off charge.

Are you able to collect from my home or work address?

We keep the cost to you low by collecting from one location in each town that we operate in, so we are not able to collect from your home or work.
There are other operators who can collect from residential and business premises; however they will charge a premium to cover their costs in doing so.

Can I watch the paper being shredded?

Because we deal with sensitive personal information our site is fully secure and access to the shredder is controlled. We are unable to allow customers in to watch the process. Our unique barcode tracking system means that we know where every sack is and we will scan the barcode immediately before the sack is shredded, and soon after the shredding is complete we will issue you with a certificate as proof that it has been completed.

What happens to the paper after it is shredded?

The shredding process is so effective that what comes out of the other end looks more like confetti than bank statements – there is certainly no chance of using the information that was there previously. After shredding is complete, the waste paper is baled and transferred to UK based paper mills to be recycled, so you can rest assured that you are protecting yourself and protecting the planet!

How can I contact you?

Most of our customers have no need to contact us because the process runs really smoothly, but we're not going to hide our contact details and make it difficult to contact us.

You can email us at any time –
You can call during office hours – 01223 299012
You can write to us –
HomeShred, Unit 1 Scarletts Business Park, Padlock Road, West Wratting, Cambridge, CB21 5LS

Due to the nature of our business, we only accept visitors to our offices by appointment. If you intend to visit us, please call in advance.

Who are you?

Our HomeShred business is a trading name of Yellow Tomato LLP which supports the functions of numerous other linked businesses and interests, based from our premises in South Cambridgeshire.

From 2005 until 2016 we operated a document management business under the name of Safebox Data Centre. In this business we stored, scanned, handled, delivered and shredded millions of confidential files, deeds, wills and other forms of media for some of the East of England's largest law firms, financial institutions, hospitals and research facilities. Our operating standards were frequently and rigorously audited by our clients.

The owners, managers and staff who worked with this confidential material are the same people who are involved in our HomeShred business.

Is there anywhere I can buy sacks except for on your website?

When you buy a sack online, we allocate the unique numbers from the sacks we post to you against your order. These numbers enable us and you to monitor the journey of your sacks all the way through to sending out your certificate as proof of shredding. We need a record of your details and your sack numbers to offer this level of service which we know is essential when dealing with personal information. Because of that we are unable to sell sacks except through our website.

Because we send out sacks by 1st Class Royal Mail you should get them pretty soon after ordering.

Are you registered to carry waste?

Yes, we are registered with the UK Environment Agency as a waste carrier. Our Registration Number is CBDU42567.

The registration is held in the name of Yellow Tomato LLP of which Home Shred is a trade name.

Visit the Environment Agency website to find out more.